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NIRI Analytics (03/18/2015)- IPO Process Focus Group - 2015 Report

NIRI Analytics (03/18/2015)- IPO Process Focus Group - 2015 Report

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NIRI Analytics (03/18/2015)- IPO Process Focus Group - 2015 Report ...
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Key Survey Findings:
•Selecting the investment bank that best suits the company is a crucial element of initial public offering (IPO) success, and the investor relations officer (IRO) should be part of this important evaluation process.
•Equally significant is ensuring that the analysts working with the underwriting banks have an accurate understanding of the company story – an integral part of an IRO’s IPO role.
•While the lead underwriter will assist with decisions and the logistics of an IPO roadshow, the IRO should take the helm to ensure the success of these critical first meetings between the company and potential shareholders.  
•Most IR focus group members stated that, unless a company was extremely well-known prior to its IPO, having the IR portion of a corporate website ready to go live the first day of trading was the best option.
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