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Standards of Practice: Disclosure (7th edition)

Standards of Practice: Disclosure (7th edition)

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$95.00 - Standards of Practice: Disclosure (7th edition)

$0.00 - Standards of Practice: Disclosure (7th edition)

Edition: 7
Year published:2023
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Disclosure must be a core competency in the practice of investor relations. As the “gatekeeper” of all public disclosures, IR professionals must have a working knowledge of disclosure concepts, securities regulations, and court decisions that shape what information is disclosed, when, how, and to whom.

This 196-page publication, Standards of Practice for Investor Relations – Disclosure, Seventh Edition, is designed to educate investor relations (IR) professionals on legal requirements and best practices in disclosure of information to stakeholders.

NIRI began setting standards for the investor relations profession in 1996 with the Standards and Guidance for Disclosure, and has updated it periodically over the years, culminating with this seventh edition. Today, thousands of investor relations professionals and other corporate executives use this reference for guidance on disclosure and interaction with analysts and investors. It is also a popular reference for securities lawyers.

NIRI appointed the 2023 NIRI Working Group on Disclosure to provide strategic guidance and review of this publication and it has been approved by the NIRI Board of Directors, which recommends that U.S. public companies review and adopt these disclosure recommendations.
This publication is available at no charge to NIRI members, $95 for nonmembers.
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